A Simple Guide to Marine Batteries


To understand marine batteries better, you need to know the meaning of various terms. Most of the questions you have about choosing or buying marine batteries will be answered in the tips below. Starting/Cranking Battery This is a battery that serves the purpose of starting an engine, meaning that it releases a high amount of energy (a jolt) that is strong enough to start an engine. Such batteries are found in cars.

28 December 2019

3 Common Types of Mufflers for New Car Owners


If you are in search of a muffler for your new vehicle, then you will soon appreciate the importance of car parts. Aside from keeping the cabin free of dangerous gases such as carbon monoxide, mufflers ensure that you do not get fined for disturbing the peace by driving a noisy vehicle. The question you need to ask yourself is what type of muffler is right for your vehicle's needs. Making the determination can be tricky if you know very little about exhaust systems, and particularly mufflers.

15 May 2019

Top Considerations When Buying a Car Trailer


Car trailers are essential when you have excess luggage that cannot fit in your car. There are different types of trailers in the market today, each with its specific use. Below are some of the car trailers used by Australians today. Pig trailer. This is a trailer with an axle at its centre. A semi-trailer has a rear axle, hence most of its weight is supported by the hauling vehicle.

4 October 2018

Don't Forget These Details When Choosing a Roof Rack for Your Car


A roof rack for your vehicle can be a great choice if you often go biking, snowboarding or skiing or if you travel a lot and need more room for luggage. Being able to put your bikes or other sporting goods on a car's roof can mean not tearing up the upholstery in a hatchback and not worrying about accidentally bumping bikes that are mounted onto the back of the car. 

11 July 2018

Answering Some Commonly Asked Questions About Trailer Brakes


The brakes are probably the most important part of any towing trailer itself; without strong, durable brakes, the trailer could easily slide forward and damage your vehicle or allow whatever is being towed to slide back and forth, also causing damage. Low-quality or failing brakes can also cause drag on your vehicle, as your car or truck will be trying to stop while the trailer is still pushing forward. This can mean added wear and tear on the vehicle's transmission, tyres and its own brakes and can also compromise your overall fuel economy.

13 February 2018

Ways Reverse Camera Installation Will Improve Your Parking


While some drivers struggle to perfect their parking technique with years of experience, others are new and not willing to take the risk when there are other cars around. If the idea of parking makes you nervous, you may want to consider reverse camera installation. In addition to improving your view, a reverse camera can reduce the risks of accidents. You cover your blind spot Although rear view mirrors and side mirrors work together to enhance your view of the area around your car, they don't make up for your blind spot.

1 May 2017

Cleaning Tips for Sheepskin Car Seat Covers


Sheepskin seat covers are super-comfy, look great, and can last you a long time if they are properly cared for. From time to time you may find that your sheepskin car seat covers become a little grubby-looking; here's how to freshen them up in a few quick and easy steps.  You will need warm water mild baby shampoo soft nylon bristle brush (the type used for dog grooming works well) sponge vacuum cleaner clean dishcloth How to do it

6 June 2016