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Improve the Performance of Your Tailer by Upgrading Your Camper Trailer Suspension


Your trailer can serve you better without you having to replace it. All you need to do is make a few upgrades. Various reasons will lead you to upgrade your camper trailer suspension. It will cost you more to buy another trailer than to upgrade it. With the right system, you can have the kind of performance you desire. The essential thing is to know how each element affects the performance of your trailer. 

The Suspension System

The suspension system plays the role of connecting the wheels and the rest of the vehicle. It is the part that allows movement. It also helps in absorbing shock and noise, making the camper trailer comfortable to use. An understanding of the different types of trailer suspension systems is helpful. It helps ensure you have the right one for your vehicle. This information will help in understanding trailer suspensions. 

Leaf Springs Suspension System

Leaf springs have been in use for many years. They are known for their ability to help the trailer handle rough roads. These springs are perfect to use when dealing with lightweight trailers. The best thing about this type is that it is not expensive. It has also been proven over the years, and it is not difficult to install. 

Independent Trail Arm Suspension System

With an independent trail arm suspension, the impact does not move across the trailer. It also ensures that the wheels are held upright all the time. The fact that there is no movement across the vehicle makes travelling smooth. It also is better for ground clearance.

Air Ride Suspension

This type of suspension has a spring. It can tackle stiff places and also provides various parking options.

Independent Rubber Suspension

This independent rubber suspension provides several options for making the trailer light. It also offers a less complicated option. The best thing with the system is that once it is bolted on, it does not need further adjustments. It operates on its own without shock absorbers. That makes it easy for the user to take full control of the trailer height.


You need to know the type of suspensions that are best for your camper trailer. The selection process requires you to gain a proper understanding of their function. The best choice of suspension will depend on cost and performance. Allow an experienced professional to guide you through the choosing process. That way, you will get a camper trailer suspension that works best for you.


28 July 2020