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Top Considerations When Buying a Car Trailer


Car trailers are essential when you have excess luggage that cannot fit in your car. There are different types of trailers in the market today, each with its specific use. Below are some of the car trailers used by Australians today.

  • Pig trailer. This is a trailer with an axle at its centre.
  • A semi-trailer has a rear axle, hence most of its weight is supported by the hauling vehicle.
  • Caravans. These are enclosed trailers specially designed for campers or long distance travellers.
  • Dog trailer. A dog trailer has an axle at its rear and another at its front.
  • Boat trailer. The boat trailer is designed to carry boats. Some have rollers that make it easy to load the boat onto the trailer.
  • Open trailers. These are trailers with open tops and no side walls. They are mostly used to transport cars.

Below are some of the critical considerations you should make before purchasing a car trailer.

Why do you need a car trailer?

You should ask yourself how you intend to use the trailer once you purchase it.

  • If you will use the trailer once, then you should consider hiring rather than buying.
  • If you are a camper, then a caravan best suits you.
  • If you have a trucking business, ensure that the trailer can carry the desired goods. For example, if you are transporting fresh produce, the trailer has to be refrigerated.

Do you need registration?

In Australia, car trailers require registration. Secondhand car trailers need safety certificates. Different states have different requirements regarding the display of a registration certificate. Ensure that you follow the law to avoid paying traffic fines.

Do you have driving experience?

Once you hitch your trailer onto your car, you will realise that driving becomes more difficult. It becomes harder to overtake and reverse. Besides, braking also becomes tedious as you have to brake the trailer and the towing vehicle. Before buying a car trailer, ask friends or family with car trailers to train you on how to drive a car with a trailer.

Do you have a tow vehicle?

You will require a vehicle to tow your trailer. Vehicles have different specifications on the amount of weight they can tow. For instance, a truck can haul more weight than a small car. Ensure that the trailer you purchase is within your car's tow limits.

Key considerations when buying a car trailer are how you intend to use the trailer, trailer registration, your driving experience and the tow vehicle.


4 October 2018