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Don't Forget These Details When Choosing a Roof Rack for Your Car


roof rack for your vehicle can be a great choice if you often go biking, snowboarding or skiing or if you travel a lot and need more room for luggage. Being able to put your bikes or other sporting goods on a car's roof can mean not tearing up the upholstery in a hatchback and not worrying about accidentally bumping bikes that are mounted onto the back of the car. 

While roof racks can be very versatile and convenient, you might note some details that are easy to overlook when buying such a rack. This will ensure you end up with a rack that is functional for all your needs when on the road.

Compatibility of your car

When buying a roof rack, you may know to check if it can hold your particular size of bike or luggage carrier but may forget to check if it's compatible with your type of car! This is especially important if you tend to drive a smaller car that cannot support much weight and which doesn't have a very wide or long roof. Some roof racks are very heavy themselves, even when they're empty, and this weight can be more than your car should manage. Always check the compatibility of your car's overall size and weight limits before buying a rack so you know it fits properly and that it won't weigh down your car unnecessarily.

Interchangeable mounting system

If you tend to buy a new car every few years, you'll want a roof rack with an interchangeable mounting system or mounting locks. This will ensure the rack will fit on a variety of cars or other vehicles, and that it can be easily moved from one vehicle to another. 

If you don't get a rack with an interchangeable mounting system, you may need to buy a new roof rack with every new vehicle! To save on that cost and hassle, be sure you check for a rack's flexibility in mounting and locking to a vehicle.

Rubber plugs

Plugs are usually put over the area where a roof rack is mounted to a vehicle, and it's best to look for a rack with rubber plugs. This will eliminate the chance of the plugs rusting, and spreading that rust to the rack or your vehicle. Rubber plugs may also help to reduce any noise created by the rack rattling on the vehicle, and these may also be easier to remove and clean if any dirt or grime should build up around the rack.


11 July 2018