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3 Common Types of Mufflers for New Car Owners


If you are in search of a muffler for your new vehicle, then you will soon appreciate the importance of car parts. Aside from keeping the cabin free of dangerous gases such as carbon monoxide, mufflers ensure that you do not get fined for disturbing the peace by driving a noisy vehicle. The question you need to ask yourself is what type of muffler is right for your vehicle's needs. Making the determination can be tricky if you know very little about exhaust systems, and particularly mufflers. This article provides insights into the most common muffler designs, benefits, and related applications.

Straight-Through Mufflers — These are considered the original high-performance mufflers, and they are most common in some of the older vehicle models. Just like their name suggests, straight-through mufflers are made of straight, perforated piping. Exhaust gases are forced from the silencer's inlet to the outlet with little flow restriction through the perforated tubing. However, straight-through mufflers produce a high pitch crackling sound, and although they improve performance, they are arguably the loudest in the market. If you are looking for a muffler that will make a statement from a mile away, then you cannot go wrong with a straight-through muffler.

Chambered Mufflers — The chambered muffler is typical in most new model vehicles. The part is divided into three chambers that are separated by built-in sheet metal walls. Chambered mufflers give your truck a characteristic deep rumble that is common in muscle cars, especially when paired with a right camshaft. When you get out on the highway and open up the loud pedal, a chambered muffler will produce a smooth scream. You can have different inlet and outlet configurations specific to your car's needs as well as any finish that you prefer.

Turbo Mufflers — Turbo mufflers resemble stock mufflers primarily because they both use similar technology in the perforated tubes. The difference, however, is that stock mufflers have an S-shape flow pattern which allows gases to enter the silencer before being forced out. The S shape is restrictive which is why most people prefer turbo mufflers with a circular flow pattern. The design allows air to get out quickly thus improving the car's performance. When shopping for a turbo muffler, therefore, ask the vendor to show you the flow pattern, then make sure that you buy one with the circular flow rather than an S shape flow.


15 May 2019