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Ways Reverse Camera Installation Will Improve Your Parking


While some drivers struggle to perfect their parking technique with years of experience, others are new and not willing to take the risk when there are other cars around. If the idea of parking makes you nervous, you may want to consider reverse camera installation. In addition to improving your view, a reverse camera can reduce the risks of accidents.

You cover your blind spot

Although rear view mirrors and side mirrors work together to enhance your view of the area around your car, they don't make up for your blind spot. Your blind spot is the area of your vision that your eyes can't reach, and no matter how much you crane your neck there's no guarantee you'll cover all your bases. In addition to increasing the risk that you'll reverse into a low-lying item such as a bollard, this may also make you more nervous if you already dislike reversing. Reverse camera installation ensures you see everything that's directly behind your car, without having to crane your neck or rely on mirrors. As many cameras come with wide angles, you may also see structures that are on the periphery too, making it even safer. 

Viewing another person's car is easier

When you're parking in a built-up area away from a car park, the chances are you'll take a parallel approach. Parallel parking increases the risk of grazing or bumping into someone else's car. When you choose a wide angle camera, you can visualise the cars nearby from the second you begin reversing. As a result, you'll avoid backing into or grazing another car, which means your insurance's no-claims bonus can live to see another day. 

If all else fails, the alarm begins to sound

Many reverse cameras now come with sensors that detect how close you are to another car or structure. Although the wide angles of these cameras allow for better vision, there's always the chance you may miss low-lying structures when you're focusing on what's on the horizon. This means you can feel at ease when reversing in areas where young children and animals such as dogs and cats are around, as the sensors will alert you to their presence before your vision does. When you hear the alarm, you have the opportunity to pause and observe what's behind you, making your parking safer.

If you do choose reverse camera installation, always remember the camera's presence isn't a substitute for good safety techniques. In conjunction with reversing at a safe speed and in a reasonable location, it's an excellent tool for enhancing your parking and reducing the risk of collisions. 


1 May 2017