A Simple Guide to Marine Batteries


To understand marine batteries better, you need to know the meaning of various terms. Most of the questions you have about choosing or buying marine batteries will be answered in the tips below. Starting/Cranking Battery This is a battery that serves the purpose of starting an engine, meaning that it releases a high amount of energy (a jolt) that is strong enough to start an engine. Such batteries are found in cars.

28 December 2019

3 Common Types of Mufflers for New Car Owners


If you are in search of a muffler for your new vehicle, then you will soon appreciate the importance of car parts. Aside from keeping the cabin free of dangerous gases such as carbon monoxide, mufflers ensure that you do not get fined for disturbing the peace by driving a noisy vehicle. The question you need to ask yourself is what type of muffler is right for your vehicle's needs. Making the determination can be tricky if you know very little about exhaust systems, and particularly mufflers.

15 May 2019