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4 Reasons To Invest In A Tradesman Trailer Instead Of A Van Or Ute


As a tradie, you'll naturally need to bring plenty of equipment along with you to get work done, so you'll want to look to invest in either a van, ute or tradesman trailer. While each one offers its own advantages, opting for a tradesman trailer that can simply be attached to your personal vehicle is often a smarter choice than buying a ute or van.

Here are just four reasons why.

1. Easier Access 

If you're anything like most tradesman, you'll need to go back and forth between your storage area fairly often when you are on a job. You'll also probably find yourself frequently lifting heavy objects into and out of your storage area. Since trailers are lower to the ground than the storage areas of vans or utes, it's much easier to access them, especially when you're dealing with heavier cargo. Once opened up, you can just grab what you need instead of having to climb onto a ute bed or into a van's cargo area.

2. Fewer Worries About Cleanliness  

Since tradesman trailers can be quickly and easily disconnected from your vehicle, you won't need to worry as much about keeping your storage area clean. You can simply chuck items in the back without worrying too much about spillages. In contrast, the fact that ute and van storage areas are always going to remain part of the vehicle means you need to worry more about keeping that area clean.

3. Better Working Space

One of the best things about tradesman trailers is that they can be customized around your work. Removable sides allow you to turn them into portable workshops, and that can help you complete jobs faster and more easily. While you can work on a ute bed or within a storage van, this certainly isn't ideal, and the storage area will not feel adapted to your needs.

4. Can Be Separated From Your Vehicle

Finally, it's worth keeping in mind that a tradesman trailer can be separated from your vehicle. As such, they help you separate your working life from your personal life. When you don't need the storage or equipment, you can simply unhook the trailer from your personal vehicle. That means enjoying more natural driving dynamics and spending less on fuel. A ute or van is never going to offer that level of versatility, so you'll always need to bring your equipment along with you.


25 April 2023