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How to Secure Your Plant Trailer Overnight


If your dream is to have a small construction business, where you go from place to place with a multipurpose machine of some kind to tackle smaller jobs, then you need to kit yourself out with the right equipment. You need to buy the machine, of course, and make sure that it is as versatile as possible, but you will also need a plant trailer to tow behind your vehicle. But how can you address security and make sure that some enterprising individual does not make off with your investment?

Efficient, but Vulnerable

The beauty of this setup is that everything is so portable. You can hitch the trailer complete with the load to your vehicle first thing in the morning and be at your new job bright and early. The machine is easy to get on and off and, as long as you buy a trailer of good quality, you'll enjoy years of high efficiency.

Overnight Security

Yet you will need to take care overnight, especially if you do not have the luxury of a secure compound. You will need to look at various accessories so that you can make a thief's job as difficult as possible.

Hitch Accessories

Begin by looking at a hitch lock. These come in various shapes and sizes, but a popular choice will completely cover the hitch head with a heavy-duty hood. It will be casehardened and well tested, with a locking bolt that is drill-resistant.


Consider getting wheel clamps to put over your trailer wheels. Certainly, it will take you a few more minutes to add or remove, but will provide a second and visible deterrent to the would-be thief.

Locking System

Next, buy a chain locking system. You can attach this at one end to your trailer and the other end to a ground anchor. This chain will be purpose-made and meant to be resistant to cropping or cutting. You will get a stainless steel padlock so you can secure the trailer at night.

Tracking Device

If you want to cover all eventualities, you need to fit a tracking device to both the trailer and the machine. These are very small but very efficient and can be attached at virtually any point. If the criminal were able to get through all your other security devices, you would be able to trace them after the fact.

Buying Your Products

Talk with your plant trailer equipment supplier and draw up a list of products so you can protect your investment.


28 October 2020