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3 Essential Accessories For transforming A Ute Into The Perfect Artist's Vehicle

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Utes have long been considered a tradesman's work vehicle of choice, but for many artists, vans have often been a more popular option. This is largely because vans are seen as a more secure and protective vehicle when it comes to transporting expensive and sometimes fragile pieces of art. Unfortunately, the downside to vans is that they are considerably more expensive than utes, which may make them an unattainable option for many struggling artists.

Fortunately, by installing a few key accessories, a ute can be transformed into a vehicle that's ideal for use by artists. To convert your ute into a more functional art delivery vehicle, here are the three essential accessories you'll need.

1. A canopy

A canopy is a hard cover for your ute's tray back. Unlike soft covers which stretch over the top of the tray, a canopy sits higher than the top of the tray, usually in line with the roof height of the ute's cab. This effectively doubles the amount of storage space in your tray.

Make sure you get a canopy that's designed especially for the make and model of your ute. This will ensure that the canopy is water tight once fitted. It's also a good idea to choose a ute canopy that has sliding side windows to allow airflow through the tray. Art work can be negatively impacted by extreme levels of heat or humidity.

2. A bed rug

A bed rug is a moulded, padded cover which fits over the metal bed, or base, of your ute's tray. The spongy, polypropylene surface is almost like a carpet, and it will provide a cushioned surface for your delicate art works to be transported on without damage. Bed rugs have a non-slip surface, which will prevent your art work from sliding around as it would on the bare metal base.

Again, it's important to choose a bed rug that is designed for the make and model of your ute. This means it will fit snugly over all of the metal surfaces of the tray and there won't be any slippage or movement during transit. It also will allow you easy access to factory fitted accessories such as tie downs which are important for storing your cargo.

3. A tool box

Although most tool boxes for utes are designed for use by tradesmen, there are so many sizes and styles available that you are certain to find one that will fit your needs as an artist. Tool boxes are incredibly useful for storing art supplies, transporting small pieces of art, and for housing any general items that may rattle around the ute's tray during transit and damage your art work.

Tool boxes for utes are typically made from tough, stainless steel, and can be easily bolted onto your ute's tray to keep them immobile. You can get them with a combination of open storage space, built in shelving, and drawers. The size and configuration you choose will depend on what you intend to store in it.

Transforming a basic ute into a vehicle that is safe and tailor made for your needs as an artist is a simple process with these three key accessories. It's also a more affordable option than purchasing a van for you transport needs as an artist.


17 May 2016