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Tube Bending: Considerations for Roll Cage Fabrication


The roll cage is an advantageous component to consider incorporating into your vehicle. This is basically a frame which is engineered and built to enclose the passenger compartment of trucks and cars. It is manufactured using tubes which are bent to conform to the shape of the pertinent vehicle. The structure is stiff and prevents the vehicular body from collapsing when an accident that causes a roll-over occurs. You can engage a metal fabricator to manufacture a custom roll cage for your vehicle. The framework consists of tubes, so you should understand the important factors involved in pipe bending. This will help you make good fabrication decisions in terms of cost, appeal and structural integrity for your custom roll cage.

Bending Techniques

There are different methods used to create bends on the tubes when fabricating a roll cage. The right choice will depend on your budget, desired visual appeal and preference. Therefore, you should inquire about the options available at your preferred manufacturer and make a comparison. The common methods used in roll cage bending are rotary draw and roller bending. Roller bending involves using a sequence of rollers to gradually press the tubes into the required shape. Unfortunately, this can handle only slight bends or deformation will occur. Rotary draw involves mechanical bending with special machinery but a mandrel body is inserted in the tube. This will prevent the pipe from deforming when the pipe is bent.


The material that you should choose for the roll cage should be strong and durable but with high machinability. One of the most favourable metals to consider for the project is mild steel. This material is steel with low carbon content, so it is relatively low-priced. Moreover, the nature of the mild steel makes it more ductile and malleable. This means that it can be easily machined into the desired shape. High tensile steel is also a suitable choice for a stronger roll cage frame. Basically, this material consists of regular carbon steel with chromium and molybdenum. The roll cage is less vulnerable to corrosion and damage from water and general humidity.

Bolted vs. Welded

The roll cage can be welded or bolted into place in the vehicle. The bolting option is cheaper because the bent pipes will be joined minimally, so the pieces are easy to ship. In addition, you can install the cage without professional assistance. On the other hand, a welded roll cage is more permanent and stronger. However, the installation can only be performed by a welding technician.


21 March 2016